Guided Story Harvesting Course

Finally, the help you need to tell the story of your life!

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Write your story. We’ll show you how.

The method we teach in our Guided Story Harvesting course is based on three concepts:

  • Priming autobiographical memories;
  • Using common themes of life;
  • Engaging in a group process to tell one’s life story.

It’s time to end the procrastination, cut through the confusion over the right place to start, and discover the simple method that works to harvest the stories that are the expression of your spirit and being.

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Guided Story Harvesting – an 8-session, interactive, live, online course that guides you as you harvest your story.

Join me in this interactive course, where participants discover depth and meaning in life stories through an exploration of a variety of life themes.

You will write two pages about each weekly theme and then share their writing in a small group format.

By writing and sharing stories from their lives, individuals give their memories context and meaning, gain insight to reevaluate the past and influence the direction of their future, and connect with others to create community.

While not a typical creative writing course, you’ll find that your story writing will get better as we go along.

REMEMBER: No prior writing experience is needed. If you can write a letter to a good friend, that’s all the skill you need!

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