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Finally, the help you need to tell the story of your life.

Introducing: Memoir Moments Interactive – Harvesting Your Story One Moment at a Time.

A 10-session interactive online course.

Do you have a desire to know yourself better?

Would you like to gain new insight and go deep inside yourself to find your guiding self-truth? Harvesting your life stories is an opportunity to reflect on your life, capture those defining moments, and develop an appreciation for yourself and all of who you are.

Make sense of your life?

Life is never easy for anyone. Sometimes it’s hard to make sense of all you have gone through. Telling your life stories allows you to pause, reflect, and gain perspective to determine who you are now and where you want to be.

Be heard and understood?

Each of our stories is important and your life is valuable. In our group sessions, we provide a supportive and non-judgemental environment in which you may share your stories to experience that soul connection that only comes from truly being heard.

Write your story. We’ll show you how in only 10 sessions.

Memoir Moments Interactive: Harvesting Your Story One Moment as a Time is a 10-session online course delivered in a small group coaching setting.

The method we teach is based on The Guided Autobiography method developed by Dr.James Birren, founding Dean of the USC School of Gerontology, as a powerful, theme-based method in which trained facilitators help people document and share their life stories within supportive group settings.

People of all ages benefit from the insights and personal discovery prompts which a course in guided autobiography provides. The process is especially beneficial for people entering a new phase of life, a new direction, or anyone who would like to share their life stories with others. The three concepts we use are:

  • Priming autobiographical memories;
  • Using common themes of life;
  • Engaging in a group process to tell one’s life story.

It’s time to end the procrastination, cut through the confusion over the right place to start, and discover the simple method that works to harvest the stories that are the expression of your spirit and being.

“Write it for yourself… Write it as proof you lived, you saw, you passed through the fire, and laughed mightily. Write your life because you lived.” ~ Dave Eggers


I want to tell my stories!

Classes are limited to 10 participants. 

  • 10 Interactive online sessions
  • Classes held twice each week for 5 weeks
  • All exercises and handouts
  • Share your stories in a supportive group